Our Recreational Program is a great way to introduce young children to the art form of dance. In this program, dancers are exposed to multiple styles of dance including: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Pom-Pom. Our recreational program allows dancers to become more independent from their parents, learn how to express their creativity all while learning proper terminology and dance technique! This program serves as a stepping stone for dancers who are interested in pursing more intense training thats offered in our Elite Team Program. We offer 2 Programs for dancers Ages 3-5 and Ages 6-8. More information about each program is listed below:


Our Tiny Tot Program is for dancers ages 3-5 years old. This program is an excellent way to build the proper knowledge and technique for a dancers career. Tiny Tots dance 60 minutes a week and the train in BALLET, TAP and HIP HOP. This program is a way for young dancers to gain confidence, independence and creativity. Our Tiny Tot Program helps develop fundamentals skills such as (included but not limited to):

  • Listening Skills.  

  • Recognition Of Terminology. 

  • Individuality.

  • Flexibility.   

  • Hand/Eye Coordination.


Our Pee Wee Program is for dancers ages 6-8. This program is the next step after our Tiny Tot Program. Pee Wees dance 90 minutes a week and train in the styles of BALLET, TAP, JAZZ and HIP HOP. This program is a way for dancers to seek for more development of technique and terminology. This program also can used as a steeping stone for dancers that are interested in being apart of our Elite Competitive Team. Our Pee Wee Program helps develop skills such as (included but not limited to):

  • ​Strength and Flexibility. 

  • Retention Of Choreography.  

  • Recognition Of Terminology.